marți, mai 12, 2009


Appeal for Sergiu Voloc

The Anticommunist Forum from Moldova addresses to the local and international mass media for spreading the case of actor Sergiu Voloc when arrested and tortured by starvation and using cold fans in the Prison of the General Police Office from Chisinau, on Tighina 6 street.

The Anticommunist Forum from Moldova, which was in a permanent contact with Sergiu Voloc during the entire period from April7 to May 3 (the day he was arrested), can confirm that he was called many times by persons that would recommend themselves as policemen and threatened him with beating. We have the proofs that Sergiu Voloc was chased by the organs of Moldovan Security and Police, this chase was after the announcement of the amnesty and ceasing the penal pursuit of all participants at the protests of 7-9 April.

After the cruel treatment applied by the General Police Office staff from Chisinau, placed on Tighin 6 street, Sergiu Voloc was forced to make a declaration where he expressed thanks to Vladimir Voronin for his amnesty, recognizing his fault and expressing the regret for participating to the protests of April 7. The declaration of Sergiu VOloc was recorded as operative material by the personnel of the Moldovan Security and provided to NIT TV channel, being broadcasted during a grotesque news, which praised Voronin and accuses the opposition.

As a result of these events, Sergiu Voloc suffered a psychological depression, in need of medical care.

Contacted by the Anticommunist Forum from Moldova, the actor Sergiu Voloc declared that he will sue the state of Republic of Moldova for the treatment that was applied on him. Also, the actor expressed his regret that cannot honor the premier of the movie “Bingo” (the name of the main hero, interpreted by Sergiu Voloc), made in Rotterdam. The director of the movie, Timur Ismailov, contacted Sergiu Voloc by phone, expressed his concern for the situation the actor is in and promised to address measures in order to take him, along with the rest of the actors to the premier of the movie (scheduled for June month, in Amsterdam).

12 May, 2009

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